Benefits Of Bespoke Over Pre-made Suits

The two most important elements in a suit are the fabric and the fit. There are three combinations that make a suit horrible: a perfect fit but the wrong fabric, ill-fitting suit but with an excellent fabric or when both fabric and fit are wrong. This explains why you must work with an excellent tailor for all your custom tailored suits and choose the fabric carefully.

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Fabric Selection

This requires careful consideration and, in some cases, expert advice in order to ensure that the best fabric is selected. To this end, one must answer several questions: to which event will the suit be worn? Which fabrics suit your personal style? Is colour a limitation or are you open to different colour combinations? Are there specific designs that you are keen on or are you open to suggestions from your tailor? 

A suit that will be worn to different occasions may need to go with traditional fabrics such as wool, linen and cotton for their fitted suits. On the other hand, if the suit is for a specific occasion, it need not limit the colour, texture and design.  

Bespoke versus pre-made suits

A bespoke suit is one that has been made to meet the exact specifications of the buyer. On the other hand, pre-made suits are usually mass produced in factories and come in standard sizes. The bespoke suit considers the exact size and stature of the buyer which means that they fit and drape better compared to the factory produced suits.

When tailoring bespoke suits, there is careful consideration of the type of fabric which leads to the use of high-quality fabrics. This ensures that the suits are of great quality and therefore highly durable. In addition to this, the suits are handmade by highly experienced tailors who pay special attention to every inch of the suit. Their pre-made counterparts on the other hand are produced using machines and use the cheapest and often low-quality materials to minimise the costs. Therefore, they do not last long.

Bespoke suits have room for customisation to meet specific client needs. For example, the inner lining could be made of materials that are kind to the skin for people who have sensitive skin. Customisation could also entail inclusion of matching stripes in specific areas, altering the shape or other aspects of the collar, the pockets and the cuffs. These customisations showcase the unique style or character of the buyer. Pre-made suits do not have room for customisation.

Shopping for pre-made suits is hectic and time consuming since it takes time to find one that fits well, is in the right colour and design. This is especially true for people who may not fit into the general classification used for standard clothing sizes. In some cases, the pre-made suits may need to be resized in order to fit well. Bespoke suits on the other hand offer a high level of convenience. One only needs to identify an excellent tailor and choose the fabric then leave everything else to the experts.